Nandi Madida announced as new host of Africa Now Radio


Nandi Madida to host Apple Music 1’s Africa Now Radio

Nandi Madida announced as the new host of Africa Now Radio.

The singer expresses excitement over the new gig; she also thanked Apple Music for the opportunity given to her.

“Our time is now! I am your NEW HOST of Africa Now Radio. Thank you @applemusic AFRICA TO THE WORLD,” she wrote.

Nandi replaces Luthando “LootLove” Shosha, who hosted the show since 2021.

“Everything that I’ve been through until this point makes sense. My life has always made sense, but with the moves that God provides me with, shows me how much he cares; so I’m forever grateful,” Madida said.

“The fact that I had to earn this gig by sending through my demo and going through the process means even more to me.

“I was at home when I got a text saying I got the job. I was so shocked but in a good way. My husband Zakes [Bantwini], on the other hand, said that he knew I was going to get the job because my demo was ‘super good’.”

“We as an African nation have been robbed for the longest time. Our dark history did so much injustice to who we are as a people as they tried to mute our glory and what we are talented in. So, if I can in anyway undo the hurt or injustices we faced from colonialism, I will be glad to do that,” said the singer.

“With doing this, at least, I will know that I contributed to the freedom of the generation that’s to come after us and I plan to do so through music.”

“More than anything, the most important thing I want is for people to always remember how I made them feel. We can take away all the glitz, glam and accolades… all that remains is the type of person you were to people,” Madida said.

“One thing that I want my kids to learn from me is that I am an imperfect mom who’ll make mistakes but I’ll always have their best interests at heart.

“I want them to also forgive and be kind to themselves because they are also human, but above all I want them to also know that they have to reach their full potential and to go for their dreams no matter what.”

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