7 unhealthy reasons restaurant food tastes yummy!



Eating out sounds like an amazing idea and with a wide array of restaurants serving ‘healthy’ food, you don’t feel guilty too.

But is the food actually good for your health? Here’s a list of things restaurants do to your food to make it anything but healthy!

1. Artificial syrup

That drizzle of syrup on your sundae or waffles might not actually be made of fresh fruit. In fact, seasonal fruit shakes are served throughout the year by adding artificial syrups. Restaurants may often claim that its made from frozen fruits, but you obviously know the facts, right?

2. Regular water

As per guidelines, restaurants are advised to serve purified water as regular water. However, most do not adhere to the rules and serve you water directly out of the tap.

3. Artificial Sweetener

Low calorie food: Yes. You will have restaurants flaunting their low calorie menu. Artificial sweetners are often used in dishes to lower the calorie count. However, these are highly processed and a big no-no if you care about your health.

4. Reusing oil

You know this fact but often tend to ignore. Reusing oil once may not be so bad but restaurants don’t just use the same oil for deep frying for almost a week but also add the same oil to curries and other preparations. What’s worse is, your fried foods are fried and kept aside; then refried and served to you, hot adding not just calories but also risks to various ailments.

5. Artificial flavours

Fast food or junk food is full of artificial flavouring. How else would restaurants make money? Fresh ingredients are definitely more expensive and do not give enough profit margins to most restaurants. Hence artificial flavours are used without caring for the customer’s health.  

6. Food colour

Excessive food colour: Your curries would never look so appealing sans the food colour. But food colouring definitely isn’t good for you and may increase you chances of cancer.

7. Corn syrup

Refined sugars/corn syrup: A common ingredient added to sodas, jellies and a lot of baked goods, corn syrup is like the new corn flour. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, corn syrup is worse than table sugar and resulted in increased death rate when tried on mice. 

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