Bonang Matheba reacts to claims of being jobless


Bonang Matheba reacts to reports that she is jobless.

Queen B has been more private after the Covid year; she posts less on her social media accounts, hence leaving fans and followers curious as to what she’s been doing.

At some point some social media users claimed she is living luxuriously without working; making them question the source of her wealth.

Well, the claim was swept under the carpet as she didn’t react to it.

Fastforward to Sunday when she hosted an event organised by Standard Bank, a fan reacted to the news with, “someone asked me what Bonang is doing? they thought she was doing nothing. I wish I could tag them every-time she shows off her work!”

The media personality was shocked to hear that people think she does nothing, but she laughted it off.

“I do nothing?! Lol! Never heard that b4,” she responded to the tweet.

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