How to make your own anti aging serum at home



Aging is a part of growing up. But if the signs are bothering you, why not eat right, lead a healthy lifestyle, take care of your skin and delay the process by a few years?

 If you are over 30 and feel your skin has started showing age spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation, it is time you take things in your hands and resolve to make a difference.

Here’s an interesting DIY anti-ageing serum that anyone can prepare at home. And the best part is that the ingredients are very easy to procure.

Take a look!

She said in the video that issues like uneven skin tone, pigmentation, wrinkles can be easily dealt with the serum which cleanses as well as adds glow to the skin. “The serum helps to remove wrinkles, age spots, and tighten the skin. Since all the ingredients are natural, there are no side-effect,” she said.

What do you need?


For Rice water

1 cup – Rice
2 cups – Water

For the paste

2 tbsp – Rice water
1 tbsp – Aloe vera gel, fresh or market brought
2 – Vitamin E capsules


For rice water

*Wash the rice.
*Transfer it to a pan. Add two cups of water.
*Boil for 15-20 minutes.
*Strain the rice and collect the rice water.

For the paste

*In a bowl, add two tablespoon of rice water, one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil from two capsules.

*Mix well and make it into an even paste.

How to apply it?

The serum has to be applied on the face and neck at night once all the makeup is removed and the face is completely washed. Massage the serum on the face and neck with your fingertips for two to three minutes. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Then wash your face with fresh water. You can use your regular moisturiser afterwards. Use the serum every day.

Pro tip: The paste can be kept in an air-tight jar in the refrigerator for two to three days.

Why do these ingredients work wonders?

*Rice water has flavonoids and phenolic compounds that control free radical damage that is responsible for increasing the pace of ageing. Rice water helps reduce the damage and make the skin wrinkle-free.

*Aloe vera helps lock in the moisture in the skin which helps to heal it as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

*Vitamin E capsules are also good for blocking free radicals, for making the skin look youthful and keeping it hydrated.