Lamiez Holworthy explains how she’s balancing work and motherhood


Lamiez Holworthy recounts how she spent her first week of resumption at work as a mother.

The radio presenter resumed work at Metro FM and also started accepting gigs weeks after the birth of her son, Leano.

Taking to social media, she expressed how she felt working as a mother.

“First week fully back at work and I can’t explain all the emotions I’ve gone through- from the little mommy guilt that comes with leaving your little one behind to the hunger that comes with wanting to go extra harder just for him. Then there’s your body having to adapt or learn to push through the crazy hours all over again and still give every gig your all…”

“I then look at all the love I’ve received at each and every one and it makes it all a little easier. It reminds me of the genuine love and support that I have, not only at home but at gigs too and that alone is enough to carry me.”

“And now? Now that I have this newly found purpose, drive and hunger- I cannot wait to go even harder and still balance being a wife, a mother, a daughter, sister, friend and all the other hats that I wear but most importantly? Still being able to be MYSELF,” she added.

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