What do you do to keep yourself warm in winter? Wear multiple layers of clothes, drink coffee every hour or sit in front of a room heater throughout the day.

Well, keeping yourself warm in the winter season is quite a task. The dip in temperature and cold wind can also disturb your normal routine.

But there is a simple way to keep yourself warm in this season and that is by eating heat-producing foods.

Food that generally contains fat, protein and carbs takes time to digest and so produces heat in the body, which can keep you warm in winter.

So, here are 5 foods that you can eat this season to stay healthy.

1. Root vegetables

Root vegetables require a lot of energy during the process of digestion, which produces heat in the body. Having root vegetables like potatoes, beetroot, carrots, and turnips help you fight the cold season. Some pungent foods such as onions, leeks, spring onions can also be a part of your diet.

2. Nuts

Some nuts like peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, and dates are also beneficial in winter. These nuts speed up your metabolism and increase your body temperature, eventually making you feel hot.

3. Fruits

Fruits such as coconut, apples are ideal choices in the winter season. These fruits are packed with fiber and our stomach takes time to digest them, which produces heat and keeps you warmer.

4. Eggs and chicken

Both eggs and chicken contain a high amount of protein, calcium, and iron, which is hard to digest and hence increases the temperature of your body.

5. Herbs and Spices

Common herbs and spices such as garlic, black pepper, ginger are also responsible for producing heat in the body. These spices are packed with a compound that turns up the heat of your body when they are digested.