5 tips and hacks for that perfect winter road trip



Even though your highway journey is free from the typical troubles, you might still need some help in the winter driving department.

We want to be sure that you are prepared for anything (and totally comfy), no matter how many miles you have to drive.

As a matter of fact, the cold breeze during winters is not vehicle-friendly and can hamper battery, tyres etc.

To make sure your vehicles do not deceive you at an unexpected juncture, click through for a few important winter driving hacks or vehicle care tips to take with you on your next jaunt around…wherever.

1. Prior check up: Get the wipers, fluid levels etc. of your car or bike checked before you start the tour. Oil chances or tune ups need to be scheduled before the trip to keep the vehicle in fit shape.

2. Inspect those tyres: Check out for tears or bulges in the side wall of tyres. Check for the air pressure in tyres. Also, it is important to rotate tyres from time to time between different locations on the vehicle.

3. Oh! That break: Visit the service station to get your vehicle’s brake pads inspected to find out if they are not worn out or need replacement.

4. The air filter: It makes sense to change the air filter before the trip in case you haven’t changed it since long. Lack of power is the consequence of a dirty air filter.

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