5 common sexual insecurities of men



When it comes to insecurities, it’s not just women who feel the heat of being imperfect. Men too, are very skeptical and insecure about their looks, especially when it comes to sexual performance.

They feel very awkward and weird about how they perform in bed and if they are able to please their partner or not. These common insecurities can affect a man’s confidence levels and self-esteem as well.

Let’s understand the common insecurities that men face when it comes to sexual performance.

1. Being insecure about penis size

One of the most common sexual insecurities men have is the size of their penis. Many men worry that their penis is not large enough to satisfy their partners or meet societal expectations. They associate their penis size with their sexual performance. Men fail to realise that their penis size doesn’t determine their sexual pleasure or prowess. It’s how one communicates and makes a connection and how one does it!

2. Having huge performance anxiety

Men may experience sexual performance anxiety which may directly affect their ability to achieve or maintain an erection. They may end up ejaculating too quickly or may not be able to satisfy their partner. Sexual performance anxiety can be triggered by various factors such as stress, pressure to perform, body image concerns, etc. Communicating openly, applying relaxing techniques and seeking professional help can help address this problem.

3. Having body image issues

Men, like women, can also struggle with body image insecurities that can impact their sexual confidence. Concerns about weight, muscle size, hair loss, or physical appearance may make someone feel very conscious of their body, especially when they are naked in front of another person, during foreplay or sex. Practising positive affirmations and feeling good about yourself can make you feel better about yourself. Having a partner who embraces and celebrates your body as it is, can also make you feel great.

4. Past sexual experiences

Inexperienced men may feel insecure about their sexual skills or lack of experience compared to their partners. Society places a lot of emphasis on men’s sexual performance and experience. It is ‘assumed’ that men are usually very experienced and can perform great in bed. Living up to this expectation can be a big burden for men.

5. Not being able to please their partner

Men may worry about their ability to satisfy their partner sexually. They may worry constantly that they can’t bring their partner to orgasm or fulfil their desires. This can lead to anxiety and self-doubt. Focusing on mutually pleasing each other and paying attention to each other’s sensual points, needs and desires can make this a lot easier.

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