Believe it or not, kissing is an art. The best kissers have a sense of style and passion that is hard to match.

Whether it’s about going slow or getting a little bit of tongue action, good kissers know how to do it best.

Nobody wants to be with a lousy kisser who is all over the place. And once you’re branded a bad kisser, it’s hard to shake that name off.

Here listed are some common kissing mistakes that you should avoid, at all costs.

1. Don’t start with tongue play

Tongue play is great but don’t start right away with it. Your partner may be taken aback by the sudden move, as going slow is usually the norm for a great kiss. When you both catch a rhythm, it’s safe to go with some tongue-action.

2. Too much saliva isn’t sexy

Nobody wants to kiss with a handful of saliva dripping from their mouth. It’s the least sexy thing people find while kissing. Now, washing your face every time you have a makeout session isn’t the way to go, right?

3. Never hurry

Don’t go prancing on your partner like you’re in a hurry to make out with them. Take it slow. That way, you’re letting the kiss be sensual, erotic and slow. Or else, try to read the situation. Is your partner also rooting towards a rough approach? If yes, then go for a fierce makeout.

4. Don’t start thinking about other things

Once you start kissing, don’t let your thoughts drift away. Stay focused on the person in front of you and kiss their lips in the most romantic and sensual way possible. Just don’t go thinking about what dinner you’re going to make or what groceries you need to bring from the store.

5. It’s not just about the lips

Let your hands wander around your partner’s body. Don’t just keep them at your side. When kissing, don’t just focus on your partner’s lips, but on their neck and waist. You can even stare into your partner’s eyes to make it even more intense.