Flight delayed? 5 ways to spend your time at the airport



Nobody likes flight delays – especially if that means you have to spend more time at the airport.

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, here are five ways to spend your time at the airport:

1. Read a book

While travelling to an exotic destination sounds fun, turning the pages of a book – filled with rich plots and twists – are bound to keep you entertained through the delays. Carry a book in your hand luggage to cure the boredom during a flight delay or to use as inflight entertainment when you eventually board the plane.

2. Chill at the airport lounge

If you need a place to unwind before your flight, head to an airport lounge for some food and pampering. Most airport lounges offer shower facilities, massages, light meals, beverages, newspapers, and free WiFi.

3. Go window shopping

The airport has some charming shops that are unique to that particular country. While you may not want to splurge at the airport, doing a little window shopping is an ideal way to pass your time. Who knows, you may find some inexpensive souvenirs to take back home.

4. Feast

Airports have done a superb job to revolutionise the food experiences they offer. From fast food to fine dining, there’s plenty on offer. Search for these culinary delights on the airport’s website online. Whether it’s pre-flight cocktails or a hearty burger you crave, the website will steer you in the right direction.

5. Start a conversation

There are many people you can meet at the airport. Strike a conversation with your fellow traveller at the gatehouse (the waiting area at the airport, where travellers sit before their flight). You would be surprised at the people you will meet.

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