“I brought Trevor Noah on board,” Sizwe Dhlomo’s claim gets him dragged


Sizwe Dhlomo gets dragged for bragging about how he helped Trevor Noah.

A tweep spoke about the KFC both celebs starred in.

“That @KFCSA advert of @SizweDhlomo & @Trevornoah is a real example of bras pushing each other; not this bras that only want you around for monate, but can’t connect you for important money gigs,” reads the tweet.

Sizwe reacted to the tweet by saying the fact and message passed across are true.

However, he went ahead to fix the narrative by saying he did brought Trevor on board.

“Lol! This tweet is so funny & true but surprisingly, I’m the one who brought Trev on board with that ad. Crazy, right?”

Dhlomo’s response turned off many as they claimed there was no need for him to mention bringing the comedian on board.

Reactiins be like:

“Eish Sizwe…that’s too much information; bro was just applauding you and your.”

“Bro you don’t have to explain so much at times hey? I’d hate to be helped by you… imagine years later I drive through and you start telling people that you once went me “R5000 for groceries one time”… unprovoked?”

“Lmaoooooo now I fully understand why people on here say what they say about you. The last part was really not necessary.”

“Is Cassper Nyovest your cousin!?”

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