Uncle Waffles’ “Yahyuppiyah” and “Tanzania” reach Multi-Platinum status


Uncle Waffles announces hitting major milestones with her two songs, Yahyuppiyah and Tanzania.

The two songs have been certified multiple platinum and she took to social media to show off the plaques.

Yahyuppiyah is 4x platinum while Tanzania has gone 7x platinum.

Waffles appreciates the support received over the years.

“My first two leading singles. Thank you!”, she wrote.

Slikour wrote, ‘Tanzania’ houses as the lead single off of her 2022 debut EP, ‘Red Dragon’ and is officially a seven times platinum-selling hit. ‘Yahyuppiyah’ is the lead single off of Waffles’ latest EP, ‘Asylum’ and has received its certification as a four times platinum-selling single. 

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