Prince Kaybee – “I’m no longer an artist for the streets”


Prince Kaybee says he is done making songs for the streets.

The musician made this known after a fan appreciated his latest, 6th album titled, Music Theory.

Kaybee embraced the appreciation and further revealed that he is on a different level now.

“Thank you for giving my music a chance. I’m no longer an artist for the streets, I’m in a different space, a different time, street music is loud to me now, it makes loud noise and I feel like I have betrayed the people I started with but unfortunately over time an artist will change. I appreciate you being with me in this journey,” he wrote.

A Twitter user further pressured him for a street banger and in response, the DJ wrote:

“I don’t think I can ever do that, it takes a feeling, an understanding and more so an interest and I lack all the above when it comes to street music.”

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