L’vovo pulls out from Cotton Fest Durban


Lvovo not performing at Cotton Fest Durban 2023

L’vovo Derrango pulls out from the lineup for Cotton Fest Durban 2023.

The Kwaito star released a statement saying he will not perform at the festival as advised by his doctor.

He apologised to people who anticipate seeing him perform at the show.

“The past few months have been one of the toughest periods in my life … I’ve literally had to watch my life flash before me. Through it all, I’ve received unwavering support from my fans, family and friends. I’ve been in constant engagement with my doctor these past few days about my condition,” he wrote.

“I’m sorry to announce that after lengthy discussions, we have taken a decision not to perform at the Cotton Fest this weekend. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, and I hope to partake in the festival in the future when I have fully recovered.”


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Meanwhile, hours after the lineup was released, some social media users voiced out against seeing Lvovo on the line up, alongside Professor and a few others.

It was said that they belong to the old generation, and won’t be able to spice things up at the festival.

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