“My heart is broken,” Phelo Bala on Moshe Ndiki’s twins


Phelo Bala is not happy about Moshe expecting twins

Phelo Bala reacts to news of Moshe Ndiki expecting twins with his new lover.

Weeks ago, the radio presenter announced expecting a set of twins through surrogacy, however, it turned out that the announcement was made on Phelo’s birthday.

On the latest episode of The Bala Family reality show, Phelo said it broke his heart, and he’s urged his friends to stop telling him anything about his ex-lover, Moshe.

“I try by all means to tell my friends that please don’t tell me whatever Moshe is up to, I don’t want to hear it, I don’t care even.

“He knows how much all of this means to me, and you are gonna announce that on my birthday. You could’ve chosen another day but you just had to, because you knew how that would make me feel. My heart is broken, yet again by him.”

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