Prince Kaybee slams families who make kids their financial plan


Prince Kaybee speaks about exploitative and greedy family members who have sent young black kids to their early graves.

The South African musician slams the idea, saying families shouldn’t force young people to fund their lifestyle, especially greedy families.

“The conversation is more idealistic than realistic. If families were an utopia where there were no toxic and exploitative family members blackmail, guilt, and to some degree force young people to fund their lifestyle then this would be true. We all want to help our families and share what we have but some family members make us their financial plan. Plenty of young black kids live in depression and some commit suicide because they are made to feel worthless when they CANNOT give to greedy families,” he wrote.

“Anyone that doesn’t acknowledge all that you do for them, the risks that you take, stretching yourself every inch just to come through for them can go f*## themselves, literally,” he added.

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