“Most amazing woman I’ve ever met,” Prince Kaybee tells critic about his baby mama


Prince Kaybee expresses respect to the mother of his child.

The music producer and Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo dated, and their relationship was blessed with a son, however, the status of their relationship is vague to their fans as it was rumored that they’ve broken up and are currently just co-parenting.

Kaybee’s words were used against him but he didn’t hesitate to slam Twitter users who taunted him for settling with a beautiful woman despite preaching inner beauty.

“Find a soulmate not an Instagram influencer with a lifestyle to fund,” the DJ wrote.

The Twitter user shared a photo of Zola and paraphrased the DJ’s statement: “Boys when you marry, look for inner beauty”. 

Prince Kaybee wasn’t cool with the tweet as he perceived it as a disrespect to his baby mama whom he said is amazing.

“This is the mother of my child and one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met. Stop cappin,” he wrote.

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