5 easy tips to fix a burnt cake



Picture this: You’re pouring the cake batter into the tin, placing it in the oven, and setting the timer for it to bake.

In the meantime, you get busy doing other chores until the timer ticks off. You can even smell its aroma spread all over the place. Quite satisfying, right?

But as soon as you open the oven door, your heart gets totally shattered when you find yourself looking at a burnt cake that looks totally unappetising.

No matter how good a baker you are, you must’ve faced this problem at some point in time. And in such a situation, we often get quite panicky as we find ways to fix it.

You might be making it for guests who are soon to arrive or perhaps even for a loved one’s birthday. The truth is, no one likes the sight of a burnt cake.

If you often face this problem, here are some easy tips that you can follow to save yourself from such baking disasters. Check out these tips below:

How to fix a burnt cake? Here are 5 easy tips to fix a burnt cake:

1. Scrape off the burnt edges

The easiest way to fix a burnt cake is to simply scrape off the burned edges. Whether it’s the top, bottom, or sides, use a knife to gently trim off that particular part. This way, you’ll be able to relish your cake without any worries, as the burnt flavour gets totally eliminated. It might make your cake look a bit smaller, but no one would be able to make it if it got burned.

2. Add sugar syrup

Whenever a cake gets burned, it also ends up being dry as all the moisture gets sucked out. And who likes to eat a cake that tastes dry and crumbly? After scraping off the burnt edges, you must brush some sugar syrup all over it. You could also apply some butter while the cake is still warm. This ensures that its moisture is restored and its flavour doesn’t get affected.

3. Cover it with frosting

If your cake still looks burnt or has an odd flavour to it, then some frosting will be your best companion. Apart from sealing all the burned parts, it’ll also add some extra deliciousness to your cake. You could use buttercream, whipped cream, or even some ganache. This will conceal all the burned edges and make it look like a cake you just bought from the market.

4. Make cake pops

Another interesting way of fixing a burnt cake is to make delicious cake pops out of it. Cut off all the burned parts and add the remaining cake to a bowl. Crumble it nicely and mix it with some frosting. Make small balls out of it and simply stick some popsicle sticks into each one of them. You could also dip them in a chocolate glaze before you relish them.

5. Serve it with a beverage

If nothing else works or you’re short on time to frost it or make cake pops, consider serving your cake along with some beverages such as tea or coffee. This helps mask the burnt flavour quite well, and no one gets to figure out if it was burned in the first place. But of course, scrape off the burnt edges before serving it. If it’s not a beverage, you can also serve some accompaniments with it, such as whipped cream or ganache.

Try out these easy tips to save your burnt cake and let us know how they worked for you in the comments below.