Mmusi Maimane shocks Mzansi on “The Masked Singer”


Mmusi Maimane sings on the Masked Singer SA show

Mmusi Maimane shocks South Africans with his electrifying performance on the Masked Singer.

On Saturday, the politician stole hearts with his singing skill while wearing a warrior mask.

He sang Musa Sukwene and Robbie Malinga’s Mthande on the first week, then on Saturday he sang Easy by The Commodores.

Speaking about gracing the show as someone who isn’t a professional singer, he said:

“My wife, kids and I watch the American version of The Masked Singer and my kids enjoy it. Plus, I’m always challenging my kids and telling them they should do things that are uncomfortable and haven’t done before.”

“So, when the invitation came, I reluctantly and gladly agreed. I was reluctant because I had to test my singing and dancing skills. But I’m glad I did it and my kids loved it. They saw their dad doing something that’s out of his comfort zone.

In keeping his identity secret before the unmasking, he claimed to have signed an agreement like others who graced the show to sing.

“We signed a non-disclosure agreement, so I couldn’t even tell them. I wanted to surprise them and they really were when they saw the reveal. I was tempted to post the video of the unmasking to show how shocked they were, but we don’t put our kids on social media. It was worth it because they got to see their dad in a different light,” he said.

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