Pearl Thusi remembers her mother 19-years after passing


Pearl Thusi writes to her late mother who died 19 years ago.

Taking to social media, the actress shared photos of her late mom and captioned it with a lenghty note.

“Lost you on this day 19 years ago. And I always wonder, what would you think of me. What would your relationship with your grandkids be. What would you look like now. Will I ever see you again? Are you ok?” Pearl asked.

The star says she still thinks of her mother, even in hard times.

“When my heart is broken, I still think of you first. I’ve somehow convinced myself you’d know how to mend it. When I feels like the entire world is against me, I wish I could call the one person I know loves me unconditionally. You. When I don’t know where to turn or what to do- I still think of you.”

“Maybe one day I can turn the worst day of my life to something meaningful. Until then- on this day I will hide away and work through these emotions of why you had to leave. And why I must continue going without you. It will never make sense. But I will never stop loving and missing you. I really hope you’re ok, wherever you are,” she concluded the note.

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