3 weird home remedies for v*ginal itching you should not try



Vaginal itching or burning sensation in the vagina could mean that you have a yeast infection, which is a common medical condition in women.

As per data, three out of four women experience this at least once in their lifetime.

The pain, tingling and itching accompanied with the infection can be uncomfortable and difficult to deal with.

Vaginal itching can be caused due to several reasons like vaginal dryness or using chemical irritants or dull razors.

The first thing most people do when suffering from this condition is they try out different kinds of home remedies.

You will find a plethora of information on how to cure a yeast infection at home, but not everything you read is true and safe.

Here is a list of 3 weird home remedies that you should not try when suffering from vaginal infection.

1. Garlic

It is widely believed that inserting raw garlic clove into the vagina can balance the vaginal bacteria and prohibit the growth of fungus. But this is a very dangerous trick and you should not try it at all. Garlic does have antifungal compounds, which can work on the fungus, but that it does not work simply inserting the clove inside the vagina.

2. Yoghurt

You might have read it on multiple places that applying yoghurt on your vagina can be beneficial, but do not blindly believe what you read on the internet. Yogurt does contain lactobacilli that populate healthy vaginal bacteria but the strain of lactobacilli in yoghurt is not the same. Multiple studies prove that this home remedy does not work at all.

3. Coconut oil

Most women also apply coconut oil on vagina for treating yeast infection. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that this home remedy really works on curtailing the growth of the fungus. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties, which may be effective on yeast infections, but is not proven yet. So, you should not bring anything near your vagina which is not backed by science.

What you can do instead

Usually, the pain and itching go away on its own after 3-4 days. In case it doesn’t, then consult your gynaecologist. Here are a few things you can do for relief:

-Get a new razor for yourself.

-Wear loose cotton clothes.

-Do not use very harsh soap to clean your vagina.

-Drink a lot of water.

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