L-Tido slams Akon for lying about South Africa (Video)


L-Tido calls Akon a liar

L-Tido slams Akon for lying about South Africa.

The international star was recently interviewed on a show and he talked about various things.

Speaking about SA, he claimed that the richest people are the blacks while the white are the poor people living in ghettos.

“Some parts of South Africa, the white folks are the ones in the ghettos, the richest people in South Africa are the black ones. Everywhere you go there are areas where there are poor people but the poorest areas are the parts where the white folks are..” he said.

He further claimed that there’s a Netflix special on the claims he made.

However, the South African rapper labeled his claim a lie.

Akon out here lying about our country,” Tido wrote.

Some Twitter users jumped on the video and joined the rapper to slam Akon for lying.

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