It has always been a debatable question that which gender has more sexual desire in a relationship?
While it’s a general perception that men lust for it more, a study has put a full stop on all the myths.

Here’s the answer

According to a study done by Voucher Codes Pro, an online deal provider, women have more inclination towards sex than their partner.

What the research says

The researched surveyed 2,383 participants above the age of 18 in the UK and concluded that 59 per cent of women expressed more desire to have sex than their partner, leaving men’s count to 41 per cent.

Some findings…

The study has some other findings as well. About 21 per cent of the couples stated to have fought with their partner about their past sexual life.

​Is your spouse “lazy lover” too?

In fact, 32 per cent of participants admitted that their spouse was a lazy lover, and 34 per cent confessed that there was a “lack of adventurousness” in their sex lives.