Sjava acknowledges fan who honoured him with a tattoo


Fan tattoos Sjava’s name on his hand

Sjava reacts to a fan who tattoed his name on his hand.

The name of the fan is Rabelani, and he shared a photo of his tattooed hand, .with the name of the musician boldly inked on it.

The SA star whose real name is Jabulani Hadebe was tagged in the photo shared by the fan, but he didn’t say a word in response to the loyalty exuded, rather he followed the fan as a sign of appreciation.

The tattoo garnered mixed reviews as many mocked him and the person who made the tat; a few others appreciated Rabel for being a loyal fan.

Reactions be like:

Never a disappointing day in South Ah

Big ups to you Ncube,You a real fan. @sjava_atm has to recognize you for this

Help him sjava to get a better one

This is unnecessary but then

Tattooist was drunk af here 


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