Why men should trim their body hair



Why men should never shave or wax their body hair, but trim instead.
1. No pain
Unlike waxing, trimming is a no-pain exercise. Shaving is tedious and tactical, given the fact that running a sharp blade across wide swathes of hair requires consummate skill. Unlike women, men’s body hair tends to be copious and harder.
2. No risk

Waxing can lead to bad skin conditions if your skin is too sensitive, including redness, irritation, and pain.

3. No problems (even if skin is damaged)
If a specific part of your skin is damaged, or is healing, or is going through conditions like lesions or pimples, careful trimming is a better option.
4. No harm
Trimming is essentially chopping the hair off from the surface of skin. So, the skin or root of the hair is not involved. Waxing and shaving are intrusive processes.

5. No after effects

After you shave, after a day or two, the hair comes back thicker. But once you trim, the hair does grow back but it doesn’t have that ‘cactus’ effect on your skin.

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