“You’ll say I stole your song,” Sjava turns down upcoming artist’s request in a hilarious manner


Sjava refuses to help an upcoming artist in other to avoid problems in the future.

The artist with the Twitter handle SmallishWase asked if he could send his song to the music star.

Sjava’s whose real name is Jabulani Hadebe turned down the request in the most subtle but funny way which got most of his fans bursting out in laughter.

The star said he doesn’t want to receive the artist’s song in other to avoid stories of song theft in the future.

“Kuyingozi loko what if you send a song that talks about a lion kanti nami khona engibusy ngayo called ibhubesi masengikhipha yami uzothi ngitshontshe ingoma yakho. Angisayifuni kabi leyonto iyaxabanisa,” he wrote, which is translated to, “It’s dangerous, what if you send a song that talks about a lion and I’m talking about a song called a lion, let’s get mine out, you’ll say I stole your song I don’t want to be bad anymore, it’s confusing.”

Sjava’s followers applauded the singer as they said that his excuse is logical and valid.

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