Nonhle Thema reminisces about her past life as she announced being a Christian


Nonhle Thema walked down memory lane and shared with fans things she did in the past.

The media personality who revealed her age to be 41 shared photos of when she was young and a baddie.

Nonhle who is now proud of being a Christian talked about how she pierced her tongue and navel.

“I had a tongue ring at 18, did it right after high school, and a belly ring but no tattoos, just I felt like a real rebel. I always hated being normal,” she wrote.

“The belly ring at 21, was everything, I miss so much and my tongue ring,” she wrote as she gushed over the photo revealing her belly ring.

However, it appears she isn’t going back to that life as she expressed gratitude for being a Christian.

“At 41 we now pose like this no belly rings 👀 Grateful for Jesus Christ saving me 🙏🏽❤️ yes I Am A Christian,” she wrote.

See the photos below:

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