So, you went on a date with a woman and everything went smooth.

You chatted for hours over good food and her smile remained intact throughout the date as you discussed your life experiences.

But once the evening came to an end, things turned out to be quite contrary to what you were expecting.

She started ignoring your calls and messages, and gave futile excuses for not being free for another date.

You are clueless about what went wrong and spent hours brooding over what else could you have done differently to impress her.

Sounds familiar, eh? Well, sometimes, it might turn out to be a Herculean task to understand the reason for being rejected.

We got in touch with seven women and asked them the reason for turning down the proposal to meet the man again after they went on a date for the first time.

Here are their responses…

​1. He was a fake feminist

“I almost had an argument on a date once. The man, in his late twenties, opined that women are meant to be shy, sweet, gentle and homely. Those who are bold, straightforward and extrovert have masculine traits. I smiled and told him to not gender stereotype anything. Interestingly, he introduced himself as a feminist when we met.”

​2. He just talked about his past

“In went on a blind date with a guy who was my best friend’s friend. He was really intelligent and witty but unfortunately, he kept on talking about his ex-girlfriend and past relationships throughout the date. I could see the sparkle in his eyes wherever he talked about his ex-partner. It was pretty clear, he had not moved on.”

​3. He held me tight and kissed me

“The guy I went on a date with was an extrovert and claimed to have a very ‘liberal’ attitude. When the date ended, he held me tight to ‘hug’ me and kissed me on my cheek. I stepped back and slapped him. Later, he messaged me a few times to apologise but I did not reply.”

4. He knew no table etiquettes

“It is a turn off for me to dine with someone who has no table manners. He made weird noises while eating, did not use the napkin to wipe the food off his mouth and held the knife and fork with the wrong hands. Further, his burp was audible to even people around us. I simply wanted to run away from that place.”

5. He bragged about his package

“Well, it is good for you if you draw a six-figure salary but boasting about it continuously is surely a turn off for anyone. I went on a date with a guy who kept on emphasising about his hefty package and lavish lifestyle. After an hour, I had to politely request him to change the topic of our conversation.”

6. ​He was rude to everyone around

“If you can’t treat the people around you with respect and fake a generous smile in front of your date, it is obvious that you have double standards. He called the waiter as if he was his slave and ordered the food while almost threating them to bring it within five minutes. Then, he talked about his charitable initiatives and his so-called love for the mankind.”

7. He had nothing to talk about

“He was one of those people who can talk incessantly on social media but cannot utter a word when you meet in person. This guy had nothing to talk about during our entire meeting, and I had to keep talking to kill the boredom. He was not my type and that was the reason I decided to not meet him again.”