Thuso Mbedu shares powerful, inspiring message in celebration of National Women’s Day (Video)


Thuso Mbedu celebrates Women’s Day

Thuso Mbedu shares an inspiring message in celebration of National Women’s Day.

The South African actress in partnership with L’oreal Paris celebrates women and reminds them that they are worth the fight.

The powerful words shared in the video by Thuso left some of her followers emotional.

“Today, in South Africa, we celebrate National Women’s Day. On 9 August 1956, about 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the carrying of passbooks. This a reminder that you’re Worth the Fight. You’ve always been Worth the Fight. You’ll always be Worth the Fight,” she captioned the video.

Comments be like:

“That’s a beautiful ad sisi. That “Kmele uzithembe, uzithande, uzincome” I felt it. Thanks for the reminder, Happy Women’s Day ladies…We are Worth It.”

“I’ve watched this over and over again. I feel relieved and much better now. Thank you.”

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