Pearl Thusi dragged for supporting the Zimbabwean government


Pearl Thusi was slammed for supporting the government of Zimbabwe

Pearl Thusi gets dragged for supporting the government of Zimbabwe.

The South African actress has been on vacation for over a week, and she’s been having the best time of her life with her daughter, Thando.

She’s flooded her Instagram account with photos from her vacation – from Mozambique to Zimbabwe

Zim’s Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Nick Mangwana welcomed Pearl by penning a note on Twitter which reads, “We welcome South African actress, model, and presenter Pearl Thusi to Zimbabwe as part of the “THE TRUE ZIMBABWE TOUR”.

Thusi was slammed by the people of Zimbabwe for accepting an offer from the govt.

Celebrities are so shameless bruh! Act like they want nothing to do with corrupt governments but they turn blind eye when it’s time for gigs. What truth will Pearl Thusi tell about Zimbabwe? Only going to read a Zanupf script, so detached from Zimbabweans on the ground,” a tweet read.

Pearl Thusi can’t tell Zimbabweans the true Zimbabwe because they live there and know it , she can’t tell South Africans about the True Zimbabwe because they see the number of Zimbabweans in their country.”


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