Prince Kaybee says he doesn’t see himself committing suicide


Prince Kaybee says he is not suicidal

Prince Kaybee is not bothered about suicide as he doesn’t understand why people take their lives.

The musician kicked off a brief conversation about suicide after reacting to a tweet that reads, “Fully understand why people commit suicide.”

A concerned fan urged the DJ to get help whenever he feels suicidal, and Prince Kaybee said that he has no plans of killing himself.

The DJ said he isn’t poking fun at people who struggle with suicidal thoughts, but he doesn’t see himself taking his life.

‘Nah I don’t see it, I might be wrong but nah, I really don’t see ending my life for anything as a solution. And please I am not taking a jab at people that are suicidal or that have already committed suicide, I really just don’t see it for me at the moment,” he wrote.

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