When you’re in a relationship, you glow differently.

You look happier, you smile brighter and your eyes indicate a loving relationship where you are growing and learning every day.

The presence of a mature and loving partner can do wonders for you, give you a healthy and positive mindset.

If the love is pure and devoid of any toxicity, then you won’t have to face any unnecessary blow in the relationship that can give you a stressed mind and wrinkled face.

Hence here are some proven ways how being in love makes you glow!

1. Changing bad habits

Being in a relationship makes you let go off all existing bad habits. Your partner influences you in a good way and you finally start to embrace parts of you that you’ve been afraid to so far. Whether it’s about encouraging you to hit the gym or go after the hobby that you could never make time for. Couples in love can greatly influence each other to have a positive outlook towards life.

2. Lower stress levels

Any kind of physical contact with your partner can lower your stress levels and release any forms of anxiety within your mind and body. When in love, your mind relaxes in the presence of your partner and you feel comfortable enough to relax in their arms or beside them. Researchers have observed that when separated, couples have a hard time maintaining their stress levels because it peaks very high.

3. Living longer

A research from UCLA observed that unmarried people had higher chances of premature death than those who were happily married and in love. Couples influence each other’s lifestyle choices, leading to healthy habits. Love is a very powerful emotion that literally keeps people alive!

4. Low heart hazard risks

It’s quite interesting to know how being in love and a relationship lowers the risk of a heart attack. A Harvard study concluded that around 50% of married men who were happy in their marriages experienced fewer heart attacks and problems despite having high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. The same goes for women too, as they have faced fewer chances of experiencing heart and other related problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc.

5. Being in love makes you look younger!

You’re not just getting healthier but you are looking younger too! That’s when love takes the pedestal. Being in a relationship gives you a very lively glow that makes you look years younger. When you blush or feel in love, the blood flow rushes to the skin and gives it the oxygen and nutrients needed to look physically younger.