Going on a date is something that creates both excitement and nervousness at the same time in each one of us.

It is an opportunity to put our best foot forward and to present our best self.

A fulfilling meal under a star lit evening sky and a glass of wine in hand is something that we all look forward to.

But what if the person that we are on date with is not interesting at all? Or not great at conversation?

And it leaves us wondering what to say at the end of the date when we have no intentions of seeing him/her again?

Here is a list of six things to say at the end of such a date to make your intentions clear in a pleasant way and without being mean:

1. ​“I will give you a call sometime!”

All of us have heard these lines by the iconic character of Chandler Bing from the nineties American sitcom FRIENDS. It is a great line to say at the end of a date without specifying when you are going to call the person exactly. It very subtly makes your intention of not seeing the other person again quite clear.

2. ​“Thanks for the drinks!”

This statement makes it apparent that you liked the food and the drinks, but not the person with whom you had them. Thanking him/her and not expressing any intention of another date is a nice and decent way of expressing your plans.

3. ​“Let me know after you reach home.”

After saying this, you could clear your intentions of not seeing them again over phone. This would help you to avoid the awkward conversation and reactions that comes along with when you express the same in person.

4. ​“I am sorry, but I’ll have to rush. I have another date to go to.”

The very phrase, “another date” will make it clear that it was not a good one and you did not enjoy it at all. This will end the date without any pre-assumptions or expectations. Plus, the other person would also be clear and could look for “another date”!

5. “I hope to become good friends with you.”

To friend-zone is a very clear-cut way of letting the other person know that it is not going to work out. This is a nothing-to-lose kind of a situation. It could earn you another friend (the one whom you are saying the line to). Else, you always have other friends to hang out with!

6. “I had a great time, but I don’t think it is going to work out.”

Sometimes, it is always good to make your intentions clear to the other person and that too in very simple, lucid way. This will leave no room for any confusion or expectation, leaving both the people clearheaded and sorted.

One thing to understand from all this is to be TRUTHFULL. Just by going on a single date and making your intentions clear in a polite manner won’t hurt anyone. There are end number of people with whom you could explore a relationship. There is always one person with whom you will have a good tuning and with whom you will always feel excited and worthy. But the foundation to it is honesty; whether it is at the end of a bad date or at the start of a new relationship. Because the first learning that we got in our childhood was, and still remains so, is-“Honesty is the best policy”.