7 ways to enjoy a holiday on a tight budget



There are plenty of things to consider before you embark on a vacation. One of the most important things to think about is your finances.

In order to fully enjoy a trip its always smart to plan and save ahead so you can enjoy yourself with no worries.

According to Rioma Cominelli, Director of First Loyalty Plus, the benefits of a family holiday go far beyond the obvious rest and relaxation, it’s the lifelong memories that you’create when you’re away from the daily grind that count.

Cominelli said that by planning your next holiday smartly, you’ll be far more likely to make that dream an affordable reality.

Here are seven tips on how to stretch your money so you can enjoy your vacation.

1. Location

Choose a local destination that is close to home. This will result in a significant saving on fuel. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you must travel miles to relax and unwind, sometimes the very best gems are right on our doorstep.

2. Book in advance

Booking far in advance will not only allow you more time to save for the trip but will also be significantly cheaper than booking at the last minute.

Opting to travel for four nights instead of six is always smart. This way you won’t rack up the cost of a full week.

3. Consider off-peak travel times

If you have small children or are retired, and you’re not governed by school holidays or weekends, then take advantage of out-of-season/mid-week specials.

This way you’ll be assured of stretching your budget even further, as school holidays and weekends are usually charged at peak season/higher rates.

4. Opt for self-catering

It is almost always cheaper to book self-catering apartments or cottages rather than hotel rooms. Eating out is also expensive, so save costs by eating in.

This needn’t mean hours in the kitchen for mom – pack a picnic for a fun, outdoor adventure, enjoy family braais or make use of ready-made pizzas or meals.

5. Make a list

What good is a summer holiday without your fave cozzie, hat and book that you’ve now forgotten at home?

If you don’t make a list to ensure that everything gets packed, you’ll be forced to waste time and money shopping for things you have left behind. So, keep costs down by not having to spend unnecessarily.

6. Look out for free activities

In addition, you can go on a hike, go for a bike ride in the mountains, make use of sports facilities such as tennis courts, do some fishing or spend a day at the beach.

7. Be on the lookout for bargains

Accommodation is notorious for eating up the largest slice of your holiday budget, and one of the easiest ways to minimise this, is to sign up for a loyalty programme.

Do you research on which loyalty programme suits your travel needs and which one you can afford. There are plenty of options for this. Also consider options such as Airbnb to lower your accommodation costs.

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