“You always did everything big first,” Reason to Kwesta after “16th Bar” concert


Rapper Reason whose alter ego is Sizwe Alakine celebrates Kwesta following the success of his concert, 16th Bar.

The I6th bar concert was to celebrate Kwesta’s 16th year in the hip-hop game; the event took place last Friday and it was graced by rappers in the industry.

Taking to Instagram, Sizwe appreciated his friend and eulogised him for being great.

“Senzo!!! Thank you so much for the great show and the best family reunion anybody could ask for. I am so honoured to have been a part of your history. Your legacy. And Greatness! I love you bro. You are my friend, my brother, my partner and my niggga!!! But last night… you stepped once again as my leader. My idol. And my inspiration,” he wrote.

“Between the 2 of us… You always did everything big first. Always showing me that it’s possible. Thank you! I Thank You! I Thank you!!! And I Thank God And your ancestors for your life, soul, mind, heart, and talent! Congratulations Soldier. You did a great job,” Reason added.

See photos from the concert below:


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