Ever since the time we’ve all been restricted to working from home due to pandemic, the number of people feeling depressed has increased drastically.

Isolation and confinement can worsen depressive symptoms. Having depression during a pandemic feels more like grappling with mental illness on a difficult mode.

However, there are coping skills that we can resort to, to make life manageable.

So if you’re someone who is struggling to work from home without letting your mood slip, here are some tips to make things easier for you and your brain.

1. Make small moments of joy a priority

If depression is hitting you hard, the idea of incorporating joy into your daily life might feel absurd. But whenever and wherever possible, you must take small breaks to simply stretch, watch a couple of funny videos, get some sunlight on your face and get some rest. It might feel like these small actions won’t make much of a difference, but you will be surprised how it makes you feel at ease at the end of each day.

2. Connect with your co-workers beyond business

Work meetings shouldn’t be the only way you connect with your co-workers. Have lunch calls together, virtual coffee dates could work too. Talk about things other than work with each other and lighten up the mood. Socializing with your workmates is a critical part of staying mentally healthy during the week, especially when you’re working remotely.

3. Stay hydrated and nourished

It can be easy to get sucked into your work for hours at a stretch without snacking on something or sipping on water. But during this stressful time, you need to keep your body in working order all the more. If you’re losing your focus during the day, don’t reach out for coffee immediately, consider a snack that nourishes your body. Keep yourself hydrated at all times too.

4. Limit your screen time

Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you need to be on your laptop and your phone all the time. Staring at a screen will drain your energy. Instead, take frequent breaks to give your brain a quick reset. Read a book, play some music, go for a walk while maintaining a safe distance from others. Do everything that can keep your screen time to a bare minimum.

5. Seek out some attention

Working from home while dealing with depressive moods can get to you all the more if you don’t talk to people often. It’s okay to seek out some attention when you feel being quiet isn’t helping. Always make sure to call up friends, relatives or even talk to people at home. Having human interaction drastically reduces the tension and pressure that continuously builds up in your mind when you’re feeling depressed.