Prince Kaybee ignores Cyan Boujee saga, he has nothing to say


Prince Kaybee’s response to Cyan Boujee’s accusation

Prince Kaybee refuses to say anything about the accusation levelled against him by Cyan Boujee.

Last week, a s*x tape of the influencer leaked and went viral on social media, hours later, Cyan revealed that it was the music producer that leaked the tape.

She further opened up about the saga on Mac G’s Podcast and Chill; saying that Prince Kaybee is the first celebrity to sleep with her.

Cyan claimed that the DJ was the one who recorded the tape 2 years ago.

Despite trending over this incident, Kaybee didn’t say a word, rather he focused on his music career.

A Twitter user wrote, “Is Prince Kaybee ignoring everything Cyan said on Podcast and Chill.”

A fan of the producer answered the above tweet, which is believed to be Kaybee’s response as the fan’s tweet was retweeted by the DJ.

“He ignored this saga the time it started lastweek he hasn’t said anything gana nako ya maka a lona,he’s definitely in his “I don’t have anything to say,believe what you want to believe era”and i like it ke mna,” reads the fan’s tweet.

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