“Brands can go to hell,” Michael “Mr Smeg” Bucwa says as he appreciates Elon Musk


Micheal Bucwa famously known as Mr Smeg is thankful to Elon Musk for paying Twitter (SpaceX) users.

Bucwa is a consistent user of the microblogging app; users with high engagement are handsomely rewarded.

Taking to Twitter, Michael confidently thrashed brands who might need him to promote them and their products on the space.

Knowing that he can survive with Elon’s payment, he then claims the brands are of no use to him.

“Now that Twitter/X is paying us. Brands can go to hell,” he wrote.

On Sunday, Michael Bucwa made a similar statement of not needing to depend on the entertainment industry and brands in South Africa for survival.

The fans of the influencer warned him to watch his statement, but it appears he doesn’t care.

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