“R Kelly, Pedophile, Abuser,” Prince Kaybee reveals worst rumors heard about himself


Prince Kaybee reveals the worst rumors he’s heard about himself over the past years.

The music producer has blatantly trended over ill events, and at the same time, he’s been praised, but mostly for his music.

The ill events usually involve women, hence he’s being given all sorts of foul names.

Taking to Twitter Kaybee said the worst rumors are Pedophile, arrogant, abuser, homophobic, poor, can’t make music, short, R Kelly.

He claimed the list is endless, but those are the few ones he could presumably remember.

A few tweeps reminded him of other sagas which include cheating on his baby mama.

Meanwhile, Prince Kaybee recently trended for allegedly leaking the sex tape he recorded during a sexual engagement with influencer Cyan Boujee.

He ignored claims from Cyan, but the revelation of the worst rumors heard about himself threw him under the bus.

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