No matter what you pack for a trip, your airport outfit can make quite a difference on the airplane.

Dressing appropriately for air travel will only keep you comfortable throughout. From cramped seats to temperature changes, long-hour flights aren’t easy, we know!

Here’s our guide on how you should dress in-flight to be cosy and comfortable.

1. Wear compression socks

Sitting for a long period can cut off the blood flow and make your legs swell. To avoid this, you can wear compression socks, which can help to increase circulation and reduce swelling.

2. ​Wear comfortable shoes

Wear your tried and tested comfortable shoes. You can wear slip-on shoes and sneakers, which will get you through hours of sitting, standing and walking.

3. Pile on layers

The temperature keeps changing on the plane and that’s why you need to pile on layers. Wearing layers can help to adjust to the plane’s extreme temperature fluctuations. You can pile on scarves, comfy jackets and even socks. You can carry them in the cabin bag and keep it under the seat or in front of you. However, don’t go for heavy and bulky jackets as they can be uncomfortable when you have cramped seats.

4. Wear breathable fabrics

The best way to be comfortable on a plane is to wear breathable fabrics. They will help to allow air and moisture to pass through. Fabrics like polyester, nylon and rayon can make you feel dirty and even stink, as it holds sweat on the skin. It’s best to wear natural fabrics like cotton and linen, which allows air to circulate.

5. ​Don’t wear tight clothes

While travelling our bodies naturally swell, which is why tight clothes can make you uncomfortable. Be it tight waistbands or workout leggings, you can get cramps while sitting. So for healthy blood circulation, wear comfortable and cozy clothes and bottoms with an elastic waist.

6. Avoid skin-flaunting clothes

Even if you’re going to a beach, make sure you are covered on the plane. Wearing shorts or mini dresses can make you feel very cold in the air-conditioned temperature.