Papa Penny sets records straight as he defends Black Coffee


Papa Penny stops the confusion

Papa Penny addresses people who trolled Black Coffee instead of Bushida Coffee.

A couple of days ago, the music legend and reality TV star called out Bushida for remixing his song, Hai Ka Mina without permission.

However, some social media users mistook the name mentioned in the video clip to be that of the Grammy-award-winning DJ.

Penny shared another video clip to correct the confusion and further eulogised Black Coffee.

“People, stop confusing the names. It’s not Black Coffee, he is the right guy, it’s not him. It’s Bushida Coffee. He calls himself Bushida Coffee, he did Milandu Bhe 1995, not that one, it’s not Black Coffee. Correct the mistake because now you are spoiling Black Coffee. Please correct the names,” he said.

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