Prince Kaybee says he is the poorest DJ


Prince Kaybee slams a report of being one of the most paid DJs in South Africa.

He was ranked ninth place between rapper A-Reece who is 10th place and charges R50 000 for a gig as well as singer King Monada who charges a slightly higher R55 000 booking fee just like he does.

Kaybee voiced out saying the report is a lie as he doesn’t have properties to his name.

He further listed the few acquisitions he has to his name.

“This is a lie, I’m the poorest DJ, I only have one car to my name, a 1998 merc that values at about 40k, no properties, no nothing, please get me out of these lists.”

Fans questioned his truck business, and he replied by saying that the trucks aren’t his.

However, fans were quick to conclude that Prince Kaybee voiced out against the report because of his fear for SARS.

Recently, the music producer revealed that he doesn’t produce music for money, and it left people talking.

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