Why pregnant women should limit their time spent on mobile phones



Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. It is really difficult to imagine our life without it.
From teenagers to people in the old age, everyone is in a way addicted to this device and pregnant women are no exception.
But there is one more thing that we all know – excessive usage of cell phones can be harmful to us. But is it even harmful to the baby inside the womb?
The drawback
Staring the bright blue rectangular screen can harm your eyes and a study has revealed that pregnant women who use cell phones a lot are more likely to give birth to children with behavioural problems.

The studies

Scientists in Denmark conducted a study in which they examined prenatal and postnatal exposure to mobile phones and behavioural problems in children. The study was conducted on a group of women whose children were around seven-year-old. They were given a questionnaire regarding the health and behaviour of their children, and their history of past exposure to the phone. In the end, it was found that children of women who were more exposed to cell phones prenatally and postnatally were hyperactivity and had some behavioural issue.

But this is one study and it does not establish a strong link between mobile usage during pregnancy and developmental problems in children.

The conflict
This study was not considered totally correct because as per experts just like the microwave, television, and laptop, mobiles emit low levels of radio waves called non-ionising electromagnetic radiation.
The radiation is milder than ionising radiation, which is emitted by X-rays and CT scanners. So, it cannot be that harmful to the unborn child.
The bottom line
Even though the study cannot prove a strong link, but it is important to be a little careful and limit your usage.
Here are a few things you can do:
-Send text or use a landline for making calls
-Do not scroll through social media too much.

-Use a hands-free kit to reduce the radiation near your head or body.

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