“Things are becoming more quiet,” Tony Forbes says 7 months after AKA’s death


Tony Forbes feels the gap after AKA’s death

Tony Forbes speaks about his son Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’ death 7 months after his passing.

In an exclusive interview with eNCA, the businessman says it’s been difficult, and things are becoming more quiet as people are moving on.

Tony feels the gap of his son’s absence, however, he remains hopeful about the investigation.

“We are OK. It is difficult in some ways; it is even more difficult because after seven months we are starting to get to that stage where life is carrying on, things are becoming more quiet. For me, personally, I feel the gap, the hole of him not being with us anymore. I have my bad days and I have better days. It will be like that for a while. It wasn’t just losing a child, but the circumstances and the emotional side is still there,” he said.

“There are days where one hopes to hear the news that something happened. But we still want to give the process space. We are in touch with investigators and they keep us abreast. It does seem slow but it’s only [been] six months,” he added.


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