Priddy Ugly mocked for not cheating and fighting Bontle Modiselle for 11 years


Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle are in a healthy relationship

Bontle Modiselle opens up about the peace in her relationship with Priddy Ugly over the past eleven years.

A video clip of her interview with Mac G surfaced on social media and some people were amazed by her revelations.

She said they don’t slam the door at each other, raise voices against each other, or leave the house to cool off after a fight.

The choreographer said it has been all peace and love between them.

She further addressed the statement made by her and her husband Priddy – “Cheating is not a deal breaker”.

Some viewers reacted to the claim that the rapper has never cheated on Bontle Modiselle.

While some believed it was untrue that Priddy Ugly never cheated on his wife, others poked fun at him for staying faithful since 2009.

See reactions below:


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