4 tips for students on how to beat year-end fatigue



Fatigue has been described as more than just a physical state of tiredness; research states that it’s a combination of both physical fatigue and mental fatigue that contribute to a persistent feeling of exhaustion or weakness.

By this time of year, everyone, including students, is feeling worn out, unmotivated, and incapable of paying attention for long periods.

However, education expert Dr Rufaro Audrey Mavunga at The Independent Institute of Education says while these feelings are normal, it is possible and important to overcome them.

The signs include feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, being unable to sleep, and having low levels of concentration while possibly feeling anxious, says Dr. Mavunga.

“Rest assured that it is normal to feel tired and overwhelmed and that you are not alone. However, you should also know that it is possible and important to overcome these feelings.”

Dr Mavunga advises students as follows:

1. Take some time off

This may sound counter-productive, but it can help to take a day or two to regain your focus without feeling guilty.

Catch up on sleep and get out in nature for some relaxation. Get your mind in the right place, and resolve to start the final stretch with vigour. Also, use this time to lay out your schedule and plans for the coming weeks.

2. Manage your time efficiently

To finish strong, you need to continue with regular study sessions every week till the end of your exams.

3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Exercise has many benefits, but it has been proven that exercise releases endorphins, which can improve your mood and reduce stress levels.

A lack of proper nutrition may also contribute to fatigue and exhaustion. Make sure your schedule allows for adequate sleep. Keep a single-minded focus on your priorities right now.

4. Get help if you need it

It may feel like you are stuck in a deep dark hole with no way of coming out. Positives should be embraced and paid attention to.

Consult school or campus support staff to gain different perspectives on how to ease the fatigue. If you need additional assistance with the academic side of things, approach a teacher or lecturer for guidance.

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