How to make the fish and chips recipe at home



Fish and Chips are truly delicious and unique and taste best with a warm cup of fresh coffee.

This is a classic version of the signature dish of England, which is often served with a cheesy dip and potato chips.

The classic dish is mildly spicy; however, you can add some black pepper to make it bit spicy or else paprika can also add a hint of spice to the fish.

Loaded with the richness of fish fillets and mixed herbs, this healthy recipe can be your daily dose of vitamins.

Serve this recipe with any sauce of your choice or pair it up with flavoured mayonnaise; either way, this mouth-watering snack recipe will enrich your taste buds with its tempting flavours.

Prepare this scrumptious fish recipe for your loved on occasions such as kitty party, game night and picnic.

This dish will be great for someone who is trying to find a healthier alternative to fried chips.

Try this delightful recipe explained in detailed steps and relish the flavours of fish chips. Read more

Ingredients of fish and chips

How to make fish and chips

  • Step 1 Cut potato in fries and prepare the batter for frying fishTo prepare this amazing dish, wash and peel the potatoes. Cut them into fries and once done, keep them aside until needed again in salted water. Take a deep-bottomed mixing bowl and mix together all-purpose flour, milk, egg, baking powder, salt & pepper. Prepare a thick batter and keep aside for 20 minutes.
  • Step 2 Coat fish fillets in the egg-flour batterNow, gently add the fish fillets in the prepared batter and coat them well with it. Then coat them well in the breadcrumbs. Take a frying pan, keep on medium flame and add refined oil in it. Deep fry the coated fish until golden brown from both sides.
  • Step 3 Fry the fries for 15 minutesMeanwhile, take a pan and keep it on medium flame and heat oil in it. Deep fry the fries in the pan. Once done, serve with the fried fish fillets and enjoy!


  1. If you want this dish to be healthier, you can bake the fish and chips instead of deep frying them.
  2. Use mixed herbs in the batter for making the fish more flavourful.
  3. This recipe does not use chilli of any kind. To make it spicier, you can use chilli flakes over the dish or use it in the batter.

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