6 relationship trends that are taking us by surprise



The dynamics of relationships change with every generation and presently it is changing every year.

With the outburst of paparazzi, we have access to every celebrity’s life, who also happen to be the biggest influencers in our lives.

Internet is buzzing with relationship analysis, discussions and what people are actually dealing with across the globe and we have noted a few relationship trends that are surprising but definitely here to stay!

1. Couple therapies

Couples acknowledge their relationship issues and want to work on them, which is the reason for a spike in the trend of couple therapies. This is a good sign and we are pleasantly surprised. Earlier couples were reluctant to address an issue in their relationship, which eventually ruined the relationship. There should not be any problem in seeking an expert’s advice together, after all, they are there only to help out.

2. Two separate bedrooms

Sounds awkward but this is also a change which is helping in making relationships comfortable and an experience. We all love our personal space, especially while sleeping. Not everyone is comfortable with snugs and cuddles while they are asleep. The comfort of sleeping at your desired time and your desired way is bliss in itself. And this trend is boosting the comfort levels between the partners, which is pleasantly surprising.

3. Marriage as an experience

We have always been told that we must support your partner and never told that marriage should indeed be an experience for both and not a duty which one needs to fulfill. Why should marriage be unfair to one of the partners in a marriage, it must be a wonderful experience that both live and grow in together.

4. Short-term monogamy

Most of the people feel that spending their entire lives with one partner can be disadvantageous too. No one wants to stay in an unhappy or dragged relationship and hence are preferring to move out without any grievance. The trend is growing and we are yet to decide if it is really a pleasant change.

5. Singledom is okay

The stage where being single after a certain age was considered a taboo is fast dissolving. Singledom even after turning 30 or even 40 is now acceptable and not looked down upon. People are preferring to stay single rather than ending up with the wrong person for life. This is definitely a pleasant change.

6. Online dating

Dating apps have made meeting prospective partners easier. Meeting someone through a dating app also means that they both understand the nuances of being available on such a platform which leads to the starting of a comfortable relationship.