Less than 20% of South Africans living abroad would ‘definitely’ return – survey



Less than a quarter of South Africans currently living abroad are adamant about returning to the country, citing instability, safety and better work opportunities as the major reasons behind their decision.

In a world where opportunities are more global than ever, only 19% of South Africans currently living abroad have claimed they are ‘definitely’ going to return home.

A new generation of highly educated are fleeing the country in search of better wages and conditions for working.

A recent survey conducted by The TEFL Academy on South Africans currently living abroad revealed that 25% of respondents would ‘definitely not’ be returning, 43% claimed to be ‘undecided’, whereas only 19% were adamant about their prospects of returning back home.


The biggest reason many South Africans are choosing to live abroad is better job prospects.

A follow-up survey conducted by The TEFL Academy on 948 South Africans who currently live or have lived abroad in the past revealed that nearly 40% went overseas in search of better opportunities.

One individual when surveyed claimed: “Even if there are job opportunities, the money they offer is absolutely laughable.

“Not to mention how time-consuming it is. My degree taught me a lot and it helped me be a better teacher, but it didn’t help me find work in my own country.”

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