For some people trying to lose weight, avoiding alcohol seems like the toughest decision.

If you are among them, you don’t have to worry because we have some good news for you.

There is not just one but a few diets that allow you to have alcohol while on a weight loss plan.

In fact, 33 out of 40 diets included in the U.S. News Best Diets permit alcohol in some way or the other.

​The research

According to the researchers, the diets that rate the best were the ones that were overall healthy, practical, easy to follow and habits that could turn into a lifestyle. The best diets are supposed to be the ones that are not so strict, as that is a characteristic of a fad diet.

The best diet

Mediterranean diet, which is rated as the best diet allows you to have a glass of wine with dinner. Having a glass or two of wine can make it easy to follow a diet and increases the likelihood of sticking to it.

​Experts say…

Experts also say it’s possible to lose weight while still drinking alcohol – but you just need to be smart about it by paying attention to the calories. If you are having a glass of wine with your meal, you can make up for it by increasing your exercise to 45 minutes instead of 30.

Whether or not one should drink while on a weight loss plan, completely depends on their personal preferences. Unless you are on some medication or you have drinking problems, you can safely control the amount of alcohol you have.

Here’s the list of four diets that allow you to have alcohol:

1. Dash diet

If there is a special occasion or you are just feeling low and want to have that glass of wine, go for it. But remember, do not go beyond one glass. And the next day you can make up for it by increasing your exercise time and not cheating with your meals.

2. Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits, vegetables and grains and also typically allows one or two drink per day. Despite being the healthiest diet in the world, it includes low to moderate alcohol consumption.

3. Dukan diet

The first two phases of this diet do not allow you to have alcohol but later you can include it in your diet, provided you don’t indulge.

4. Atkins diet

Alcohol is not allowed during the induction phase of the Atkins diet as it is believed that consuming beer, wine or even cocktails might slow down your rate of weight loss. But once the induction period is over, you can start enjoying the small amount with caution.

But if you want to lose weight faster, you should avoid having alcohol completely. The body burns alcohol for fuel when alcohol is available and when it does that, it doesn’t burn fat.


Go alcohol-free when you can, and pay attention to the drinks you choose to have.